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  Thursday February 16 2012

Dear FloFab: Can We Pay the Tab Without Offending?   [ Diner's Journal ]

Advice on paying for friends' food, tipping on a free meal and putting hands on the table.

Reviving the vineyard of Jules Chauvet (Beaujolais)   [ Wine Tasting, Vineyards, in France ]

Christophe Pacalet Cercié, Beaujolais Cercié is only 5 kilometers away from Villié-Morgon, the village houses seem to be lower compared to Villié-Morgon, a long street around which the village built up. You already feel the proximity of the plain and...

What We're Reading   [ Diner's Journal ]

A collection of links from the reporters and editors of the Dining section.

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2010 Emrich-Schönleber Monzinger Kabinett   [ BerlinKitchen ]

A true Kabinett. Ich bin mittlerweile ein großer Fan vom halbtrockenen Kabinett. Leider wird man an der Mosel nicht mehr so leicht fündig, gerade in 2010 & 2009 hat man eher eine Spätlese und manchmal sogar eine Auslese im Glas. 2008 war der letzte große Kabinett-Jahrgang an der Mosel. ...
  Wednesday February 15 2012

End the Government Attack on Faith and Alcohol   [ Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog ]

It's clearly an attack on faith and conscience!! It has come to my attention that as part of implementing the mandates of the new federal health care law, I am required to provide health insurance to Wark Communications employees that...

What We're Reading   [ Diner's Journal ]

A collection of links from the reporters and editors of the Dining section.

The Tired Wine Writer   [ Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog ]

First...All wine bloggers are wine writers, but not all wine writers are wine bloggers. That said... Wine blogging isn't dying. But it is tired. Enthusiasm for the platform and for the practice is on the wane. The same can be...

Chapel Down Nectar Late Harvest   [ Spittoon ]

Chapel Down Nectar Late HarvestI’m on an Italian bent (Oi! Stop it…) at the mo. Last October’s EWBC in Brescia and trips out to Fruili and Alto Adige followed by a trip to Perugia (and trips out and about) for the IWineTC. Who would not want to continue the exploration and keep the longing to ...

2010 Stara Winna Gora Riesling   [ BerlinKitchen ]

Das Weingut „Stara Winna Góra“ heißt übersetzt „Alter Weinberg“ und liegt in Górzykowo an der Oder. Hier mehr Infos:http://www.sz-online.de/nachrichten/mobil.asp?action=ShowArticle&nar_id=2 877968&kdhash=Dank meines polnischen Handwerkers Janosz konnte ich ...

Arrow Wine Far Hills to host Patricia Green Cellars tasting Thursday with winemaker Jim Anderson   [ Uncorked ]

KETTERING — Arrow Wine & Spirits on Far Hills Avenue at East Dorothy Lane in Kettering will host a drop-in tasting of the wines of Patricia Green Cellars featuring winemaker Jim Anderson from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. this Thursday...
  Tuesday February 14 2012

Finding Solace in Food Far From Home   [ Diner's Journal ]

What are the foods you've kept with you when you're far from home?

Five Dishes at Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria   [ Diner's Journal ]

A shop, a bakery, a salumeria and a restaurant that makes use of all the other services on the premises.

Arbois Wine Bar : Bistrot des Claquets   [ Wine Tasting, Vineyards, in France ]

Philippe Bornard at the counter Arbois (Jura) Arbois is as you know a lovely town, with something special beyond its lovely setting in a wooded valley. I believe in special places where there's a telluric energy or something which makes...
  Monday February 13 2012

Great Wine Content Found in a Sea of Information   [ Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog ]

One of the defining aspects of on-line wine content today is that it has become increasingly difficult to track what is available on the Internet, whether you are a consumer or a member of the trade. This is as much...

Encounters in Villié-Morgon (Beaujolais)   [ Wine Tasting, Vineyards, in France ]

At Jean Foillard's Villié-Morgon (Beaujolais) About Foillard, the bar with the best wine-by-the-glass list, and the barman who helped start all this thing 27 years ago... Very fruitful visit recently in Beaujolais, beginning of course with the one at Jean...

Ardie Bonanno is special guest at Giuliano's first wine dinner   [ Uncorked ]

MIAMISBURG — Giuliano, an Anticoli Tavern will host its first wine dinner with veteran wine distributor and importer Ardie Bonanno at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 21 at the tavern at 67 S. Main St. in Miamisburg. Bonanno is president of 55...
  Sunday February 12 2012

Wine Tasting In Italy   [ Spittoon ]

Wine Tasting In ItalyHard to select just one image for this weeks Sunday Snapshot. The set of eight images covering people holding wine glasses, taken during the 2012 International Wine Tourism Conference in Perugia, Italy, are all quite strong. It is this image, a combination of colours, angle and ...

A visit at Puzelat & Bonhomme (Loire)   [ Wine Tasting, Vineyards, in France ]

Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme and Thierry Puzelat Les Montils, Loire If you combine the cuvées of the Puzelat-Bonhomme (the négoce) and the ones of Thierry & Jean-Marie Puzelat (the family winery), you end up with so many wines that you have to...
  Saturday February 11 2012

Noëlla Morantin's new Sauvignon vineyard   [ Wine Tasting, Vineyards, in France ]

Noëlla Morantin in her new Sauvignon block Pouillé, Cher valley (Loire) As you may know, Noëlla Morantin who makes wine in Touraine along the Cher valley, has recently purchased her first vineyards, as she's been renting the rest of her...

Beef Cheeks   [ BerlinKitchen ]

1kg beef cheeksroast vegetables (carrot, leek, celery)bouquet garni (parsley, thyme, bay leaves)2-3 shallots4-5 carrots500ml red wine500ml beef broth/stockdash red wine vinegar/aceto balsamicooptional: 2tsp Molé spice/1-2 pieces Valrhona chocolate/cream sherryPreparation/Zubereitung1kg ...
  Friday February 10 2012

2010 Willi Schaefer Domprobst Kabinett   [ BerlinKitchen ]

Zur späten Stunde gab es noch FROSTA „Nasi Goreng“. Ich esse sehr selten Tiefkühlprodukte, aber das Nasi Goreng war gut, insbesondere zeichnete es sich durch eine feine Curry Note aus. Passend dazu ein halbtrockener Kabinett „Domprobst“ mit einem schmelzigen tropischen Fruchtkorb. ...

A Citilites tasting at the Schu, and a Big Red tasting at Arrow highlight weekly wine-tastings list   [ Uncorked ]

One quick addition to the wine-events list: Today is the reservation deadline for a Citilites “Heart & Sol Wine Tasting” to be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 15, in the Schuster Center NCR Donor Lounges. The...

Ribbon-cutting today for new billiards & whiskies bar   [ Uncorked ]

SPRINGBORO — A ribbon-cutting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. today, Feb. 10, at the newly opened Whiskey Barrel Bar & Billiards Co. at 857 W. Central Ave. (Ohio 73) next to Miami-Jacobs Career College. Whiskey Barrel Bar & Billiards is...

A Day in the Sun at the 2011 World of Pinot Noir   [ GrapeRadio – Wine Talk Show ]

One of the high points for us at World of Pinot Noir, is the time we get to spend with winemakers. Join us as we sit down with some familiar and maybe not so familiar winemaking names in the “World of Pinot Noir,” as we hear about their beginnings, their processes, their passions, and ...
  Wednesday February 08 2012

In Photos – A Tasting at Mustilli Winery   [ Spittoon ]

In Photos – A Tasting at Mustilli WineryI’ve been in Italy, vineyard hopping, snow permitting, from Umbria down to Campania and Naples. Not just me, I should add, but a party of fabulous people gathered in Italy for the International Wine Tourism Conference and various trips out after, ...

Unbelievable, this soil! (Domaine Montcalmes, Languedoc)   [ Wine Pictures from BKWine ]

Today's wine picture is no longer here! This blog has moved. You can now find it here: BKWine Photography Blog Please update your RSS feed, book marks, subscriptions etc!
  Tuesday February 07 2012

Justice Comes To Wine As The Fat Man Goes Down   [ Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog ]

I like Justice. Real justice, the kind that provides an appropriate response to a dastardly act, feels good. And it makes you believe that civilization is a good thing, despite its occasional tendencies to roll off the rail. Today, it...
  Monday February 06 2012

Winery Steps, Castello della Sala   [ Spittoon ]

Winery Steps, Castello della SalaA day late with this Sunday Snapshot post; but I have an excuse – I have spent the last week in Italy. It seems an age ago now, but in reality it was just over a week that our party rolled up at the Castello della Sala winery in Orvieto. Its new and gleaming, ...

Imagine this in 8 months' time (Domaine Fontedicto, Languedoc)   [ Wine Pictures from BKWine ]

Today's wine picture is no longer here! This blog has moved. You can now find it here: BKWine Photography Blog Please update your RSS feed, book marks, subscriptions etc!

AVA Marketing: All Quality, All Destination, All The Time   [ Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog ]

What makes American Viticultural Areas, like similarly demarcated wine growing areas in Europe and other parts of the New World, important is that they are among the few items that can legally be placed on the front of a wine...

Does Your Winery Have Balls?   [ The Winery Web Site Report ]

A lot of wineries cite concern about the possibility of negative comments when asked why they are reluctant about using social media like Twitter and Facebook. Here's a company in an industry which is easy to hate (insurance) that let's...
  Sunday February 05 2012
  Friday February 03 2012

A wine-tastings list that will put you in a romantic mood   [ Uncorked ]

If you want a smile — or perhaps a smirk — take a look at the wines on the tasting bar at the Wine Gallery on Feb. 8. How do they get AWAY with those names?? Thanks to the Dayton-based...
  Wednesday February 01 2012

Antonio Galloni on Wine   [ GrapeRadio – Wine Talk Show ]

When we last spoke with Antonio Galloni, he was happily covering the Italian wine scene for Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate among other projects, and had just contributed to Parker’s new book “Parker’s Wine Bargains: The World’s Best Wine Values Under $25.″ So, what’s new with ...
  Monday January 30 2012

This is very useful in winter (Chateau la Condamine Bertrand, Languedoc)   [ Wine Pictures from BKWine ]

Today's wine picture is no longer here! This blog has moved. You can now find it here: BKWine Photography Blog Please update your RSS feed, book marks, subscriptions etc!
  Saturday January 28 2012

2 Things To Do *Before* You Waste Time With Google Analytics   [ The Winery Web Site Report ]

From this brief-but-insightful-article at Search Engine Guide: what needs to happen on your site to get your business where you want it to be, and identify which metrics will tell you if what you want to happen is happening. Simple...
  Wednesday January 25 2012

"Ça sent bon!!"   [ Bordoverview Blog ]

A while ago I stumbled upon a Canadian website that clearly deserves attention. It would have made sense if not me, but Dwayne, the Canadian, would have come up with it, but he hasn't. This is what I have seen on the web: Bu sur le web. Aurélia Filion tells about wine, in a contagious manner, ...
  Monday January 23 2012

The archetypical wine cellar? (Chateau de Cazeneuve, Languedoc)   [ Wine Pictures from BKWine ]

Today's wine picture is no longer here! This blog has moved. You can now find it here: BKWine Photography Blog Please update your RSS feed, book marks, subscriptions etc!

From The Etymologicon   [ Spittoon ]

From The EtymologiconNot having given it that much contemplation I always assumed that Marvin Gaye was walking through a vineyard for his 1968 song. But apparently not. And, while I was aware that the word alcohol was Arabic in origin, I didn’t know it was a kind of make-up al kuhul. As kohl is ...
  Sunday January 22 2012

Is Your Winery a Priest or a Coaster?   [ The Winery Web Site Report ]

If your winery sells wine online (doesn't everyone these days?), this analysis of online wine store growth patterns is relevant. The money quote: Repeat business is where your investment online becomes truly viable, but without new customers you will never...
  Sunday January 15 2012

Winemaking Apprenticeship, Mas des Dames 2011, part 2   [ Bordoverview Blog ]

Dwayne Perreault – To continue from my last posting, which had more to do with the viticulturalist aspect of winemaking, I will now turn to the actual making of wine, which begins with the process of adding yeast to the grape juice, the basis for the wine. Mas des Dames, being an organic estate, ...
  Monday January 09 2012

Alcohol and Balance – 2011 World of Pinot Noir Seminar   [ GrapeRadio – Wine Talk Show ]

Alcohol and Balance – could there be a more controversial issue for today’s wine geeks? Well, thankfully, the 2011 World of Pinot Noir held a seminar on this very contentious topic. Joining N.Y. Times columnist Eric Asimov as moderator, was an illustrious (and, we might add “balanced”) ...

Two tastings in weekend 27-29 January   [ Bordoverview Blog ]

Friday afternoon 27 January there will be a wine and oyster tasting in downtown Amsterdam, in the red light district. Famous Oesterman Marcus van den Noord will present his oysters, while you can taste the wines from laVieleVin and Bolomey Wijnimport. French wines only! This tasting will start ...
  Tuesday January 03 2012

Wine Mojo – 2011 Hospice du Rhone   [ GrapeRadio – Wine Talk Show ]

Another eagerly awaited seminar from the 2011 HdR was this in-depth look at the Central Coast wines of Joey Tensley (Tensley Wines) and the Sonoma County wines of Morgan Twain-Peterson (Bedrock Wine Co.). Many of the attendees were probably already familiar with Tensley’s wines, but this was ...
  Saturday December 31 2011

Some last thoughts, and Bruno Clavelier   [ Bordoverview Blog ]

I say goodbye to 2011 with fifteen random personal thoughts & remarks. 1. Being a wine merchant and a wine blogger is a difficult combination in December (hence the 20 days of silence). 2. Beaujolais Nouveau in general is not very popular these days. But Natural Bojo Nouveau of raving beauty ...
  Tuesday December 06 2011

Conversation with Louis-Fabrice Latour, President of Maison Louis Latour   [ GrapeRadio – Wine Talk Show ]

Louis-Fabrice Latour is the seventh generation to run the family-owned Louis Latour business, taking over as President in 1999. Born in Beaune in 1964, he is the son of Louis Latour, current Chairman of Maison Louis Latour. Louis-Fabrice is president of the association of Burgundy négociants and ...
  Monday October 24 2011

Free Winery Video Critique   [ The Winery Web Site Report ]

If you're a "green" winery, then this may be of interest to you: --- Winery Videos Critic offered at Green Wine Summit Do you ever wonder why some wineries get more attention and press than others? It could be the...
  Thursday October 06 2011
  Tuesday September 27 2011

Alice Feiring and Credibility Have Parted Company   [ Pinotblogger: the Capozzi Winery blog ]

Ahh, Alice. It’s been a few years since Alice Feiring and I first met at the Healdsburg Wine Library where she read from her book, The Battle for Wine and Love: or How I Saved the World from Parkerization. Though I walked away from our encounter convinced she was misguided and hypocritical in ...



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