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Château Angelus vertical tasting - by Laurent Gibet (Feb. 08)   Continuation of the Angelus tasting - by Laurent Gibet  (Feb. 08)
2004 Bordeaux wines, Blind Tasting (August 07)   2004 Bordeaux wines, Tasted at the Properties (August 07)
Pichon Longueville Baron, Vertical tasting - by Martin Barz (June 07)   Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, Vertical tasting - by Martin Barz  (June 07)
Château d'Yquem 1847-2000: a phenomenal vertical tasting by Joe Belmaati    Saint Emilion: Then and Now by Panos Kakaviatos
An evening devoted to Lynch-Bages   Giant vertical of Leoville las Cases 
Tasting Bordeaux 2003   Tasting Bordeaux 2002
2001 Bordeaux wines, Blind Tasting 2007-April   2001 Bordeaux wines, Blind Tasting, comments and results 2007-April
Tasting Bordeaux 2001 Tasting Bordeaux 2000
Tasting Bordeaux 1999   Tasting Bordeaux 1994
Tasting Sauternes 1997  


Mondovino.. A documentary on the impact of globilization in the wine industry..   Advanced Wine tasting Topics by Lauriann Greene-Sollin..
Mondovino: I highly recommend it !..   Bordeaux Primeurs - the best buying strategies
Mondovino: Is Mondovino a manicheist documentary?..   Bordeaux 2000 - Parker's influence on prices
Nicolas Thienpont    The analysis on actual and predicted wine prices by Charles Wyplosz
Stéphane Derenoncourt   The Brett phenomenon explained by a chemist
Mark Pinsent reports on the Blaye region    Thoughts on Bordeaux's trade system

Comments on the harvests

The harvest chronicles on the 2009 vintage..
The harvest chronicles on the 2007 vintage..
The harvest chronicles on the 2006 vintage..
The harvest chronicles on the 2005 vintage..
The harvest chronicles on the 2004 vintage..
The harvest chronicles on the 2003 vintage..
The harvest chronicles on the 2002 vintage..
Bordeaux 2001: our Contributor's comments



Contributors are International wine critics who contribute to this site by providing their scores and comments
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TOP headings

The heading TOP 50 is the rating of the 50 best Bordeaux wines in all the classifications since 1997
The TOP Quality to Price (Q/P) heading is for wine aficionados seeking, at the same time, the best quality for the lowest possible price
The TOP Region heading shows the average ratings of all the wines reviewed by region
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The reason why we created and more on our approach to Bordeaux Wines
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Links / Blogs

One of the best collection of useful wine links on the web. Webmasters, please contact us if you wish to apply for having your site listed here
One of the best collection of useful wine blogs on the web. Blog owners, please contact us if you wish to apply for having your wine blog listed here

 Rating system

This comparative scale explains how we compare the wine critic's different scoring systems 

 Vintage guide, Glossary of wine terms and Tasting Notes archive

A rather unique, year by year and by region summary vintages chart from 1980 to today..
The glossary of wine terms
Bordeaux wines Tasting Notes archive

Varietal and Grapes

The most commonly found grapes and varietal profiles in the Bordeaux area


Official classifications

Saint-Emilion First Growths   Saint Emilion Great Growths
The 1855 Classification

First Classified Growth

  The 1855 Classification Second Classified Growths
The 1855 Classification

Third Classified Growths

  The 1855 Classification

Fourth Classified Growths

The 1855 Classification Fith Classified Growths   The Graves, Pessac-Leognan Classified Growths



Appellations and Regions

Côtes de Blaye   Côtes de Bourg
Côtes de Castillon   Côtes de Francs
Haut Medoc   Fronsac
Listrac Medoc   Lalande-de-Pomerol
Medoc   Margaux
Pessac-Leognan-Graves   Pauillac
Saint-Emilion   Pomerol
Saint-Julien   Saint-Estèphe
Sauternes-Barsac   Satellites of Saint-Emilion

Entre deux Mers

Bordeaux Briefs: the latest news from Bordeaux..
The latest news.. - Mar. 06   The latest news.. - Apr. 03
The latest news.. - May 05 The latest news.. - Apr. 02
The latest news.. - May 05 The latest news.. - Oct. 02
The latest news.. - Jan. 04 The latest news.. - Dec. 02
The latest news.. - Sep. - Oct. 04  



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