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Tasting Chateau Rieussec

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Tasting notes on Chateau Rieussec - Sauternes Barsac

> 1981 Rieussec - Sauternes Barsac, Bordeaux, France

1981 Chateau Rieussec - 1er Grand Cru Classe
Opened on Dec. 25, 2006. Rather dark aspect, turning to the color of amber. Flavours of bitter oranges, grooves, clove, candied fruits. Very well balanced, the structure of this 1981 Rieussec is fairly fat, with a roasted taste by the end of the mouth. The fruit holds a harmonious freshness whereas this 1981 Rieussec remains round and tasty throughout palate. Only the length, rather short, betrays a rather poor year for Sauternes. This 1981 Rieussec is a beautiful surprise. A perfect Christmas wine! 88/100

> 1997 Rieussec - Sauternes Barsac, Bordeaux, France

1997 Chateau Rieussec - 1er Grand Cru Classe
Beautiful gold color. Very fruity nose: peers, apricots, mangoes, buttery and velvety impressions. Balanced structure, fat and dense substance. Excellent aftertaste. A wonderful and accomplished 1997 Rieussec. 94/100

> 1999 Rieussec - Sauternes Barsac, Bordeaux, France

1999 Chateau Rieussec - 1er Grand Cru Classe

1999 Rieussec is certainly not a blockbuster for the estate as It's rated lower than 1997 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 by the experts. But nevertheless, 99 Rieussec is a good wine. Pale yellow colour. Subtle citrus nose (grapefruit), apricot and saffron with a floral (jasmine) hint. Soft and nice balance, gradually opening to a good fruity freshness. Botrytized notes and good final freshness. The length is not exceptional, but the structure of this 1999 Rieussec is well supported by the wine's primary qualities. 1999 Rieussec will enable us to wait patiently for the 2001 and will probably be tasted with a lot of pleasure for the next 10 - 15 years (2015). 89/100

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