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For its quarterly tasting session, the Swiss Winetasters Society sponsored by the French-speaking Wine Discussion Group "La Passion Du Vin" had decided to review a number of 2001 Bordeaux some five years after bottling. How does 2001 currently show? What are the intrinsic values of the vintage compared to hyped recent years such as 2000, 2003 or 2005?

The group tried to answer to those questions during a random blind tasting with four separate flights: one Right Bank flight, two Left Bank flights followed by a mini flight with white one Pessac and three Sauternes. The scores attached to the tasting note reflect the nine tasters' average grades. All the wines are from the participant's private cellars.

The results and classifications are summarized here ..>>

Please note that the presented conclusions show a situation at a given time and does not carry any final judgment on the future evolution of the wines under review.

Right Bank 

La Sergue - Eglise-Clinet - D'Aiguilhe - Fombrauge - Domaine de l'A


Troplong-MondotPavie - Quinault l'Enclos



Left Bank  

Poujeaux - Duhart Milon - Leoville-Barton - Mouton Rothschild - Cos d'Estournel 


Clos du Marquis - Clerc Milon - La Lagune - Ormes de Pez - Lagrange


Sociando Mallet - Reignac - Lafon Rochet - du Tertre



White wines

Domaine de Chevalier (dry white) - Suduiraut - Sigalas Rabaud -  Myrat

> 2001 La Sergue

Lalande de Pomerol, Bordeaux, France

Currant, brioche with a mentholated note.
Progressive attack opening to a silky and fruity mouth with fine tannins and a good length.
2001 La Sergue is a wine of average complexity but it provides a nice pleasure at this stage of evolution. Good QPR value.

88.6 / 100

> 2001 Eglise-Clinet

Pomerol, Bordeaux, France

Brilliant dark hue.
2001 Eglise Clinet reveals flavours of vanilla and spices. Plump and meaty body, smoky dark fruit. Beautiful and perfectly balanced structure packed with fine tannins and a powerful finish. A beautiful Eglise-Clinet which should continue to improve for at least another 20 years!

91.4 / 100

> 2001 D'Aiguilhe

Cotes de Castillon, Bordeaux, France

Changing nose switching from red fruits to smoked wood.
2001 D'Aiguilhe's texture feels hollow between "attack" and "finish". The fruit seems to have suffered from a lack of maturity. Harsh tannins and diluted finish. I've had 2001 d'Aiguilhe several times before but couldn't recognize the wine tonight. Possibly a flawed bottle?

84.8 / 100

> 2001 Fombrauge

Saint Emilion, Bordeaux, France 

Fombrauge, horizontal blind tastingBright ruby aspect.
Bizarre nose, marked by spices and sweet pepper aromas and Javel water.
Average intensity, fruity but unbalanced by unpleasant sour and bitter tannins. Average length thinning out on the mid palate and dropping off on the finish.. Disappointing.

88.4 / 100

> 2001 Domaine de l'A

Côtes de Castillon, Bordeaux, France

Luminous bright hue.
Beautiful and intense nose dominated by blackcurrant, plum liquor and spices.
Seductive juicy body with a very lush fruit. Tannins are a little drying out and somewhat restrain the finish.
For sure, 2001 Domaine de l'A is a lovely wine but seems to be currently in a kind of ungrateful transition phase.

89.1 /100

> 2001 Troplong-Mondot

Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, France

Delicate raspberry and black fruits flavours with a distinctive black truffle note.
Medium bodied and tight tannins. Unfortunately the midpalate has an acid and herbaceous imbalance. The finish clearly lacks of flesh.
I’m afraid that it might be more than just an ungrateful evolution phase. I'm rather concerned by the apparent poor structure of 2001 Troplong-Mondot..

86.2 / 100

> 2001 Pavie

Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, France

Dark garnet colour.
Solid core of red fruit, vanilla spices, tobacco and a nice fresh touch which reminds me eucalyptus.
The texture is bulky and concentrated, complex and round. The tannins are tight and delicate. Impressive strain with a beautifully well balanced finish. 2001 Pavie is a splendid wine. My WOTN!

94.5 / 100

> 2001 Quinault l'Enclos

Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux France

Quinault l'Enclos, horizontal blind tastingImpressive nose of elegant currant and soft spices flavours. Lightly smoked / toasted.
The wine fills up the palate with a beautiful roundness. Elegant black currants with layers of creamy fruit. In spite of its velvety side, the wine's structure remains under strain thanks to the tightness of its tannins. Slightly hollow midpalate but the finish widens beautifully. 2001 Quinault l'Enclos is a modern styled Saint-Emilion and a nice wine to drink at this stage.

89.2 / 100


> 2001 Poujeaux

Moulis, Bordeaux France

Château Poujeaux, horizontal blind tastingEarly aging signs.
Weird nose dominated by tobacco and lacteous notes of strawberry yoghourt.
On the palate, the wine reveals tough and rustic tannins and an angular texture. This medium bodied 2001 Poujeaux clearly lacks of charm and roundness. And the skinny finish does not really help either. Disappointing.

83.4 / 100

> 2001 Duhart Milon

Pauillac, Bordeaux, France

Purple in coloration.
Doesn't give much away in the nose, wood juice and some small cherry fruit - and that’s about it.
Angular on the palate. The texture seems diluted and the flavours are overwhelmed by a bizarre bitterness. The fruit of 2001 Duhart Milon is finally perceptible on the midpalate but the finish falls quickly flat. The less appealing wine of the flight.

82.9 / 100

> 2001 Léoville Barton

Saint-Julien, Bordeaux France

The olfactive sentiment is split between cedar wood and quality fruit but also an unfortunate metallic odour.
Austere body with square and aggressive tannins. The bitter finish doesn't talk to me. Tonight I didn't recognize 2001 Leoville Barton from my previous tasting in 2005. A flawed bottle?

85.6 / 100

> 2001 Mouton Rothschild

Pauillac, Bordeaux, France

Mouton Rothschild, horizontal blind tastingRich and varied flavours of red chillies, tobacco, cedar and currant. 2001 Mouton is still noticeably marked by wood (toasted).
The taste is backward and it has some difficulties to open up with air. But after gaining in temperature, the palate finally develops very pleasantly. Tight structure with layers of elegant fruit and a beautiful balance. Long finish, with just a hint of astringency on the aftertaste.
An "aristocratic" 2001 Mouton Rothschild with an interesting ageing potential.

91.2 / 100

> 2001 Cos d'Estournel

Saint-Estephe, Bordeaux France

Shiny dark purple red colour.
Nose of raspberry and cappuccino.
Although well balanced in mouth, the structure seems to show a lack of consistency and tension. The tannins are tight and austere at this point and the fruit doesn't really sing.
I think 2001 Cos d'Estournel will be interesting to taste when it gets more mellow and the secondary aromas starts to show.

87.5 / 100

> 2001 Clos du Marquis

Saint-Julien, Bordeaux France

Dark garnet, saturated colour.
There is a dense smell of red fruits with a whiff of toasted oak.
2001 Clos du Marquis develops well on the palate. Medium complex with hefty tannins but with a good back-up of sweet fruit. Solid and tight midpalate which develops well until the finish, marked to my view by a slight bitter aftertaste.
It should be mentioned that the participants rated 2001 Clos du Marquis significantly higher than I did.

91.5 / 100

> 2001 Clerc Milon

Pauillac, Bordeaux France

Clerc Milon, horizontal blind tastingThe nose is a bit closed and dusty (graphite) with some blackcurrant but not really attractive.
Medium bodied, serious greenish tannins and fairly acidic. The structure clearly lacks of flesh.
This sample of 2001 Clerc Milon really doesn't charm me tonight, at least at this stage of evolution.

87.8 / 100

> 2001 La Lagune

Haut-Medoc, Bordeaux France

This leads off with appealing bittersweet cherry and soft spices on the nose.
Well built wine with ripe fruit and velvety tannins. However 2001 La Lagune's midpalate lacks of intensity and the finish falls a bit short.
It’s a shame because the aromas and the initial mouth are beautiful!

88.3 / 100

> 2001 Ormes de Pez 2001

Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux France

Similarly to a number of fellow wines tonight, the flavours of 2001 Ormes de Pez are quite closed at this point.
The structure appears somewhat diluted, lacking of flesh and concentration. The body remains however balanced until the finish, rather short to be honest.
Okay but 2001 Ormes de Pez is probably not built for a very long ageing.

89 / 100

> 2001 Lagrange

Saint-Julien, Bordeaux France

Chateau Lagrange, horizontal blind tastingOaky, cedar and ripe red fruit bouquet.
Dynamic attack that hits all the parts of the tongue. But the midpalate doesn't manage to convince me as there is something disjointed and weird about the wine. The taste is typical Saint Julien but only of modest concentration and the finish is fairly brisk. A below average Lagrange.

88.2 / 100


> 2001 Sociando Mallet

Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux France

Deep crimson.
Classy complex nose with fascinating mineral components, ripe red fruits, pepper and a hint of liquorice.
Excellent and fleshy mouth with a round and pure fruit. Tannins are elegant and tasty. Persistent wine showing a bit of alcohol in the finish.
Even though I found this bottle of 2001 Sociando Mallet very promising, other tasters rated the sample lower than I did.


> 2001 Reignac

Bordeaux Supérieur, Bordeaux France

Excellent ripe fruit aromas with a black chocolate note.
This bottle of 2001 Reignac is particularly juicy and attractive in mouth, round and fruity. Sturdy texture which holds a remarkable density until the finish.
It's probably available still at fair prices. At the moment it is not particularly complex but so enjoyably sexy!

> 2001 Lafon Rochet

Saint-Estèphe,  Bordeaux France

Lafon Rochet, horizontal blind tastingFloral and fruity flavours with an interesting mineral hint.
Round body with well balanced tannins. Unfortunately to my view, 2001 Lafon Rochet’s texture is insufficiently tonic on the finish.
Still a quality wine which should continue to improve for another 5-10 years time.
88.8 / 100

> 2001 Du Tertre 

Margaux,  Bordeaux France

The nose is closed and clearly oak-dominated. Balsamic touch and bacon aromas.
Full bodied and concentrated - silky round and intense with notes of roasted meat. Moderately firm tannins and a fruity - smoky - toasty long finish. The finish only lacks a bit of elegance, at least at this stage of evolution.
I’m convinced that 2001 Du Tertre will become an excellent Bordeaux in 5-8 years time.

88.6 / 100

> 2001 Suduiraut

Sauternes Barsac,  Bordeaux France

Pale golden colour.
Closed nose of pudding, crystallized citrus and bitter almonds.
Chewy taste, very lump and showing alcohol on the midpalate. It is surprisingly monolithic with a lack of elegance. Coarse caramelized "creme brulee" aftertaste.
Is 2001 Suduiraut currently in a ungrateful intermediate phase? It didn't seem to be flawed, though. A major disappointment!

86.8 / 100

> 2001 Sigalas Rabaud 

Sauternes-Barsac,  Bordeaux France

Beautiful aromatic nose: peer, peach, beeswax, almond.
The palate opens gradually to a round and fruity texture. Good midpalate balance with a bitter orange finish. I found it a little lightweight, with excessive alcohol content and overall a too straight forward.
2001 Sigalas Rabaud was differently appreciated among the tasters and it shows through its high standard deviation value!

87.7 / 100

> 2001 Myrat

Sauternes-Barsac,  Bordeaux France

Although quite pale, the 2001 Myrat's hue looks deeper than the one of 2001 Suduiraut.
Open nose with quince, passion fruit and almond flavours.
Powerful taste but overall the palate lacks of balance and freshness. Round and large body. Without the best of grip, but a good long flowery (jasmin tea) aftertaste.

88.9 / 100

> 2001 Domaine de Chevalier

Blanc sec - Pessac-Leognan Graves, Bordeaux, France
Domaine de Chevalier, horizontal blind tastingBeautiful yellow colour. Notes of pineapple, hazel nuts and citrus fruits.
Pleasant vanilla and fruit flavours. Together fat and crisp texture underlined by a beautiful mineral note.. Complex and long, 2001 Domaine de Chevalier fills the mouth for almost one minute. A remarkable sauvignon wine!

92 / 100


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