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Tasting Chateau Haut Brion

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> 1999 Haut-Brion - Pessac Léognan Graves, Bordeaux, France

45% Cabernet Sauvignon - 33% Merlot (harvested before the heavy rains) - 22% Cabernet Franc. 1999 Haut-Brion :  is a little bit closed on the nose, but you can smell the delicacy of the fruit. On the palate it is big and tannic. Great balance, great mid palate on the fruit with a very long finish. 90/100  

> 2001 Haut-Brion - Pessac Léognan Graves, Bordeaux, France

2001 Haut Brion : dark ruby red to purple. The nose is astonishingly complex: berries, ripe red fruit, smooth balsamic spices. Beautiful structure with a high level of accuracy. Dynamic balanced body with a rich finish characterized by a splendid ripe fruit. A 2001 Haut Brion of great class. 93/100

> 2002 Haut-Brion - Pessac Leognan Graves, Bordeaux, France

2002 Haut Brion : remarkable soft spiced flavours, mild tobacco, peony, chocolate. Elegant and well balanced body with a very pure fruit. The finish of 2002 Haut Brion is dominated by tannins that still need to round up. Elegant hint of sweetness on the finish. 2002 Haut Brion desserves a lot more patience to reveal all its class. 90/100

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> 2003 Haut-Brion - Pessac Leognan Graves, Bordeaux, France

2003 Haut Brion : interesting to note the relatively high proportion of Merlot (51%) in the final blending of 2003 Haut Brion. 
To the contrary of 2003 Pape-Clement in the same flight, the nose of 2003 Haut Brion is not very flamboyant with delicate red fruit flavours, cedar and lilac as well as a light but nevertheless distinctive animal note. The touch in mouth of this 2003 Haut Brion is fantastic. Penetrating ripe and dense fruit with a great balance. The tannins of 2003 Haut Brion are just tight enough to be enjoyable. Splendid but not overly long finish. At the current level of pleasure, I rated 2003 Haut Brion 90/100 today - potentially 96/100 in 20 years.

> 2004 Haut-Brion - Pessac Leognan Graves, Bordeaux, France

06/2007 - (61% Merlot in 2004)
Medium-expressive nose of nutmeg and cocoa. Quite elegant on the palate with pleasantly granular tannin. Well-balanced aftertaste, but does not quite develop the volume and poise one would hope for. Tasted blind, 2004 Haut-Brion does not particularly stand out. Truth to tell, this will not be a very great wine.

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