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Tasting notes on Chateau Eglise Clinet - Pomerol

> 1976 Eglise Clinet - Pomerol, Bordeaux, France

1976 Eglise Clinet : the level is impeccable for a bottle of this age (1.5cm below the cork). Contrary to the 1976 Ducru-Beaucaillou, the color is much denser, with little signs of ageing. The nose, initially a little bit odd (odor of alga?), develops further on spicy feelings - nutmeg, pepper, saffron - almost Oriental in style. The wine's body is still very long-lived with an perfect initial mouth with ripe tannins. The red fruit balance marvelously a relatively powerful mouth. The wine's finish reminds the initial spicy tone detected on the nose. This wine is quite representative of the torrid climatic conditions of the vintage. A beautiful Eglise-Clinet which shows all its qualities today. 90/100. 

> 1999 Eglise Clinet - Pomerol, Bordeaux, France

1999 Eglise-Clinet : represents the perfect example of what Pomerol can produce at its best. Again 1999 Eglise Clinet  just confirms again the excellency of the previous vintages. 90% of the Merlot grapes were harvested before the rain. Blackberry aromas with hints of floral fragrances. Perfect balance with a straight mineral undertone and a very long finish. Highly recommended but unfortunately very expensive. 90+/100 

> 2001 Eglise Clinet - Pomerol, Bordeaux, France

2007 April - Brilliant dark hue. 2001 Eglise Clinet reveals flavours of vanilla and spices. Plump and meaty body, smoky dark fruit. Beautiful and perfectly balanced structure packed with fine tannins and a powerful finish. A beautiful Eglise-Clinet which should continue to improve for at least another 20 years!

> 2001 Eglise Clinet - Pomerol, Bordeaux, France

2001 Eglise Clinet : Beautiful crimson color. Spices, tobacco, balsamic aromas. Oak with fugacious sweet pepper aromas. Large volume dominated by a beautiful crunching fruit. Light bitterness of the tannins on the finish. Excellent density. 2001 Eglise Clinet is a wine of character. Another appealing and classical Eglise-Clinet proposed by Denis Durantou. Maturity: 2015-2020. 89/100

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> 2002 Eglise Clinet - Pomerol, Bordeaux, France

2002 Eglise Clinet :  complex nose with red berries, thyme and flowers. 2002 Eglise Clinet hat a fleshy and powerful body with well marked tannins. Crisp acidity still covers the fruit for the while. Austere structure but vibrant fruit. Eglise Clinet is usually difficult to assess so young but 2002 Eglise Clinet realy looks very promising with a good ageing potential. 88/100

> 2003 Eglise Clinet - Pomerol, Bordeaux, France

2003 Eglise Clinet : purple almost opaque coloured hue. 2003 Eglise Clinet has an intense concentration of blackcurrant, black pepper, vanilla. Expressive and sensual mouth with gobs of ripe fruit. There are great big chocolate merlot notes to 2003 Eglise Clinet. Chewy and slightly astringents tannins at this stage. Remarkably dense and tight. 2003 Eglise Clinet has a great potential in the longer term. 90-92/100 today - potentially 96 

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