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Tasting Chateau Cos d'Estournel

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> 1994 Cos d'Estournel -  Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux, France

1994 Cos d'Estournel : Pleasant nose - cedar box, spices and plum. Rounded tannins with lots of ripe fruits and a solid long finish. A good pairing with a slice of beef. 87/100  

> 2001 Cos d'Estournel -  Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux, France

2007 April - Shiny dark purple red colour. Nose of raspberry and cappuccino. Although well balanced in mouth, the structure seems to show a lack of consistency and tension. The tannins are tight and austere at this point and the fruit doesn't really sing. I think 2001 Cos d'Estournel will be interesting to taste when it gets more mellow and the secondary aromas starts to show.

> 2002 Cos d'Estournel -  Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux, France

2002 Cos d'Estournel : enjoyable nose with cedar wood, anise, leather, chocolate, tobacco, liquorice. The fruit of 2002 Cos d'Estournel is well extracted. The tannins of 02 Cos d'Estournel are very much present but the wine manages overall to keep a splendid freshness. Great balance in spite of the wine's density. Really an excellent Cos d'Estournel! 92/100 

> 2003 Cos d'Estournel -  Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux, France

2003 Cos d'Estournel : Dark ruby. Great aromatic intensity with sweet flavours of currant, mocha and fruit liquor. The structure of 2003 Cos d'Estournel in mouth is very dense and extremely well balanced with so much gorgeous fruit on the front of the palate! The beauty of 2003 Cos d'Estournel consists in holding the remarkable precision of its structure in spite of the huge concentration of the fruit. The tannins of 2003 Cos d'Estournel are beautifully extracted while finishing on a slightly austere note, contrasting otherwise with the wine's singular exhuberance. A modern styled Cos d'Estournel, well in line with the recent vintages produced at Cos d'Estournel. Huge potential of evolution. 97/100 

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Cos d'Estournel

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