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> 1988 Clos Fourtet - Saint-Emilion , Bordeaux, France

1988 Clos Fourtet : Pure cherry aromas, pleasingly sour, preceded a very pronounced red cherry flavor in the mouth, though the texture was not as full as one would have liked, perhaps a sign of the vintage. A crisp and elegant wine.

(Tasted by Panos Kakaviatos)

> 2000 Clos Fourtet - Saint-Emilion , Bordeaux, France

2000 Clos Fourtet : This was among my top wines of the tasting. Lovely nose, with sharp flavors of bitter chocolate and red cherry also on the palate. Not as rich as Pavie or Angelus but seemed to show more balance at this stage. A pleasingly long finish! "5 votes out of 12"

(Tasted by Panos Kakaviatos)

> 2002 Clos Fourtet - Saint-Emilion , Bordeaux, France

2002 Clos Fourtet : The vintage 2002 is not a great year for Merlot based wines and it showed during the tasting. Red fruits, coffee, light green pepper and roasted meat flavours. Smoky palate and fine tannins. 2002 Clos Fourtet is well balanced. A modern styled wine with a hint of torrefied wood that covers 02 Clos Fourtet's apparent intrinsic qualities for the moment. Currently 2002 Clos Fourtet seems a bit reticent. 87/100 - potentially 89/100

> 2004 Clos Fourtet - Saint-Emilion , Bordeaux, France

07/2007 - Expressive nose of cherry and roast coffee beans. Starts out very suave on the palate. This wine has gained in breadth since I last tasted it and has an excellent mouth feel. 2004 Clos Fourtet is both round and distinguished. The power is restrained and the aftertaste medium-long. 

An elegant wine, in keeping with the latest vintages from this estate.
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Clos Fourtet

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