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> 2000 Calon Segur - Saint Estèphe, Bordeaux, France

55% Cabernet Sauvignon - 35% Merlot - 10% Cabernet Franc
2000 Calon Segur has delightful aromas - a subtle blend of wild bay and redcurrants. Great freshness. Fine density with great "follow-through" from the attack to the finish. A delicious Calon Segur. I would say that the style of this 2000 Calon Segur  is quite far from the traditional "old fashioned" Calon-Ségur. Surprisingly approachable right now. 90/100 

> 2002 Calon Segur - Saint Estèphe, Bordeaux, France
2002 Calon Segur : Initially reticent but gradually expanding nose of spices and wet earth. Mineral sensations (stones and gravel). Square, powerful and quite astringent Calon Segur. 2002 Calon Segur is a classic Saint-Estephe with a beautiful quality of fruit. 89/100
> 2003 Calon Segur - Saint Estèphe, Bordeaux, France
2003 Calon Segur : the bouquet of 2003 Calon Segur is mainly characterized by red fruits and cappuccino. There are some diffuse elements that are hard to pinpoint but are making the 2003 Calon Segur appear unclean and diffuse. There's clearly a curious earthy, wet and lacteous smell. The palate of 2003 Calon Segur is on ripe fruits and very firm tannins. Although 2003 Calon Segur is well framed and powerful, this sample simply doesn't match the elegance of 2003 Cos d'Estournel or 2003 Montrose tonight. I have some doubts over the quality of this sample. To re-assess. NR.
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Calon Segur

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