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Medoc - Bordeaux France
Straight forward and tempting nose of soft spices and creamy blackberry. The structure is marked by the quality or the fruit, but tannins are a bit aggressive at this stage. A little more patience is required to see how it evolves. 84/100.



barriques, potensac

> 2002 D'AGASSAC

Haut-Medoc - Bordeaux France 
Deep crimson hue. After decanting, the initial wooded notes disappear and are replaced by red berries, liquorice, coffee and mint. Classic fruity texture (morello cherry) with granulous but elegant tannins. The finish is marked by a slightly disturbing acidity just after the opening, but the balance soon returns as the wine's temperature warms up. Good persistence with some roasted notes. A very good d'Agassac, far from some other Medoc properties who sometimes have an astringent mouth. Excellent Price/Quality ratio. Has the potential to age well (2008 - 2018). 88/100

> 2002 LA CLARE

Haut-Medoc - Bordeaux France 
Rustic green pepper and spicy aromas. The toughness of the Cabernet is noticeable on the palate. Nice fruit and good finish. A very interesting Price/Quality ratio for an "everyday's" wine (approx. 6 - 7 Euro / less than 10 US$). Drink 2007 - 2012.


Haut-Medoc - Bordeaux France 
Oriental fleshy flavours and plums. The body is firm and fruity, although the tannins are a little bit green. Will probably be better in 2 - 3 years. 85/100.


Haut-Medoc - Bordeaux France 
Tempting cherry, red berries and cedarwood flavours. The structure is quite tannic with a small hint of greenness, but the fruit is very nice and velvety. Good length and a beautiful spheric width. 87/100.


Haut-Medoc - Bordeaux France
Dark hue with velvety aromas of vanilla, nutmeg and red fruits. Dense and silky body with elegant tannins that are in the course of integrating well. Persistent and fresh. A modern styled wine that shows well the potential of the Medoc's area for producing quality wines. 89/100


Cotes de Blaye - Bordeaux France
Tempting red fruit and soft spice flavours. Round and balanced body with quality tannins. For such a mild price (approx. 12-13 Euro / 15-16 $US), one gets real good pleasure for his money. 85/100.



Fronsac, Bordeaux France
Slightly roasted cherry notes, smoked bacon and green pepper. Medium-bodied with prominent tannins that dominates a very ripe fruit. Somewhat flat and broad due to missing acidity. Currently lacks of freshness and balance. 83/100

> 2002 VEYRY

Cotes de Castillon, Bordeaux France
Nose characterized by Oriental spices and black berries. Very structured body with a beautiful quality of ripe fruit. In spite of very noticeable tannins at this stage, the wine remains elegant with a pleasant minerality on the finish. Wait another 3 - 4 years to appreciate at its best.  86/100


Saint Emilion - Bordeaux France

clos fourtetRed fruits, coffee, light green pepper and roasted meat flavours. Smoky palate and fine tannins. Well balanced. A modern styled wine with a hint of torrefied wood that covers the wine's apparent intrinsic qualities for the moment. Currently seems a bit closed. 87/100 - potentially 89/100


Saint Emilion - Bordeaux France

Smooth and elegant nose with red fruits, subtle vanilla and truffle scents. Sharp and fleshy on the palate. The finish is dominated by fresh tannins that should integrate better in 3-5 years. Great potential. 89/100




Saint Emilion - Bordeaux France
Smooth fruit, cherry, chocolate and a little acidic hint. The palate is fleshy, with soft tannins and a rounded body. Light alcoholic touch on the finish. A fat wine that's almost ready to enjoy now!  88/100

> 2002 NENIN

Pomerol - Bordeaux France 
Fruity and straight forward nose. Passed the initial peppered sensation, the palate is mainly marked by greenish tannins and excessive astringency that makes the wine look disjointed at this point. To re-examine in 3-4 years.  84/100


Pomerol - Bordeaux France 
Complex nose with red berries, thyme and flowers. Fleshy and powerful body with well marked tannins. acidity still covers the fruit for the while. Austere structure but vibrant fruit. Eglise Clinet is usually difficult to assess so young but 2002 realy looks very promising with a great ageing potential. 89/100

Pessac-Leognan-Graves - Bordeaux France

mission haut brionThe nose is a bit closed but displays blackcurrant and raspberries flavours. Chewy tannins and lead pencil. Not very spectacular at this stage but it's quite easy to assess the wine's potential. No doubt that it needs to age another 5 - 10 years to show its potentialities.  90/100


Pessac-Leognan-Graves - Bordeaux France

haut brionRemarkable soft spiced flavours, mild tobacco, peony, chocolate. Elegant and well balanced body with a very pure fruit. The finish is dominated by tannins that need to round up. Elegant hint of sweetness on the finish. Desserves a lot more patience to reveal its class. 90/100


Pessac-Leognan-Graves - Bordeaux France
The color is dark ruby. Beautiful floral nose, cedarwood, blackcurrant, vanilla and black chocolate. Very sharp on the palate with an elegant balanced roundness. Dense body and very expressive finish with a beautiful width. Expressive and flattering. 91/100


Saint-Julien - Bordeaux  France 
Complex nose with ripe and solar fruit, lilac. Powerful body with fine coating tannins. Flattering structure and long finish. Slight herbaceous note. More expansive than Léoville Barton 2001 at the same stage. This wine is an absolute pleasure now.. and for the next few years.  91/100


Saint-Julien - Bordeaux  France 
Smooth fruit and light torrefied wood, liquorice and smokey notes. Elegant and balanced body, characterized by a beautiful sweetness of the fruit. Round tannins and freshness on the finish. A very nice wine, perhaps just lacking a bit of density. 86/100



Saint-Julien - Bordeaux  France 
Deep purple hue. Complex and sensual red fruit flavours, slightly roasted, mild tobacco. Dense on the palate with a wonderful definition of the fruit, tight but not aggressive tannins. Remarkable balance. Long aftertaste. Great elegance and an indisputable ageing potential. A classic Las Cases, close to the quality of the 2000 according to the estate's cellar master, Bruno Rolland!  91/100

leoville las cases


Saint Estephe - Bordeaux France 
Deep purple hue. At the opening, the nose is rather closed showing peppery flavours and torrefied wood. After airing the wine has completely changed! Now more complex with black cherries, blackberries and nutmeg. In mouth the wine expands progressively, well marked by delicate tannins. Fresh and juicy fruit. Little bitterness with a shortish, but pleasant finish. This is a delicate and elegant Saint-Estephe (tasted blind I would have probably mistaken it with a Margaux).  88/100


Saint Estephe - Bordeaux France 
Initially reticent but gradually expanding nose of spices and wet earth. Mineral sensations (stones and gravel). Square, powerful and quite astringent structure. A classic Saint-Estèphe with a beautiful quality of fruit.  89/100

cos d'estournel


Saint Estephe - Bordeaux France 
Enjoyable nose with cedarwood, anise, leather, chocolate, tobacco, liquorice. Very extracted and massive. Ripe tannins but the wine manages overall to keep a splendid freshness. Great balance in spite of the wine's density. Really excellent!  92/100

> 2002 PALMER

Margaux - Bordeaux France
Crimson hue, deep and luminous. Prominent flavours of bilberry, cherry, cocoa, vanilla, black chocolate and toasted bread. Splendid density on the palate with a silky fruit. Elegant tannins well balanced by a very fresh fruit. Throughout the mouth, the body remains compact, fat, well balanced and concentrated. Very elegant and long finish. Beautiful! One of my favorite this year. 93/100 

> 2002 MARGAUX
Margaux - Bordeaux France

margauxSmooth and elegant nose of black cherries, peony, wild strawberry, graphite. Juicy and opulent mouth full of fresh fruit. The body tightens with the appearance of classy tannins that last all along the impressive finish. Long and very promising! 92/100



Pauillac - Bordeaux, France
Smooth fruity nose of fresh black currant syrup, a bit oaky, banana, chocolate and light green pepper. The body seems relatively austere with elegant and slightly mentholated tannins. Freshness and silky fruit. As often with the Countess, elegance and aristocracy are subtly combined here to form a very beautiful wine that should improve wonderfully in a decade.  91/100


Pauillac - Bordeaux, France
Changing and delicate flavours of cigar box, blackberry and blackcurrant. Great density with a magnificiently extracted fruit. The texture holds a perfect grip throughout the mouth. The tannins are beautifully smooth, perfectly leveled to the fruit's outstanding quality. Long balanced and suave finale. One can only love the Baron this year! Very different in style but probably as good as Pichon Comtesse de Lalande91/100


Pauillac - Bordeaux, France

lafite rothschildAstonishing and delicate minty flavours, chocolate and orange peel. Delicate tannins. The body is marvellously engraved with a mineral touch that shows through the density of the matter. Perfect mid palate with a long and streamlined structure. Brilliant! 

> 2002 LATOUR

Pauillac - Bordeaux, France
Deep and complex nose with cedar wood, slightly caramelized, expresso coffee. The volume increases gradually on the palate. In spite of impressive tannins, the body remains smooth and dense. The taste ends on a certain austerity that is perfectly normal at this stage of evolution. A great, noble and complex wine. 


Pauillac - Bordeaux, France
Very elegant, but the bouquet was simply extraordinary. Remarkable prominent flavours of cigar box, spices, nutmeg and red fruit. Beautiful viscosity in the mouth, chewy and delicate. Sappy tannins wonderfully balanced by an elegant smoothness. Long, dense and juicy finish. My favorite 2002!  95/100


Sauternes - Barsac, Bordeaux, France
Pale yellow with a greenish glint on the edge. Delicate floral aromas with quince paste, mocha and a caramelized flavours. Well balanced and finely engraved body. The wood is a bit dominant at this stage. Interesting freshness and beautiful persistence on the finish. I would wait a couple of years to open the next one.  89/100

Where cellar masters and oenologists have done a good job the wines are surprisingly approachable and juicy with an indisputable potential for aging 15 to 20 years. Finally, the general quality of the successful wines is unquestionably better than some "off" years of the previous decade - thinking of 1993 or 1994. Clearly 2002 belongs to a superior league!


Alain Bringolf - for ccvo-bg.org

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All the wines presented were tasted last summer, first at a grand session in Geneva followed by a full week visiting owners and producers in Bordeaux.

Some eighteen months after the market release the majority of samples have now perfectly integrated and show very enjoyable drinking qualities. 2002 was largely considered a technical year by the experts (where the work in the wineries was of paramount importance).

Following an early spring and a rather humid summer, sunny and dry weather in September combined with arid winds coming predominantly from the North and the East finally saved the vintage. However, things proved not to be that rosy. In spite of the beautiful quality of the tasted wines it should be noted that it was difficult for a number of wine makers to realise well balanced wines. The IPT index measuring acidity was at all time highs and phenolic maturity was compromised in some cases, pushing wine makers to work the berries extremely carefully. Those who implemented aggressive extractions were totally wrong due to the abundant tannins. A number of wines lack smoothness; moreover one sometimes has an impression of greenness on the palate. In general, the Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, which are late harvested and have benefited from the fall, are generally of better quality than the Merlot. Consequently 2002 may generally be considered to be a good Left Bank year.

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