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> 1999 GISCOURS 

Margaux - Bordeaux France

Nice purple colour not quite as deep as expected from such a young wine. The nose is quite complex dominated by blackcurrant and mocha. Concentrated with smooth tannins. An elegant and modern wine with plenty of fruit. 87 / 100

> 1999 BRANAIRE 

Saint-Julien - Bordeaux  France Surprising light ruby hue. Berry and currant nose, oak, vanilla. Powerful but little complexity. A compact wine with a long straightforward finish. Anticipated maturity: 2008 - 2012.  85 / 100


Pauillac - Bordeaux, France

Light purple colour. Weird nose dominated by an impression of wet old barrel (?). In mouth, the wine isn't appealing, showing dry tannins and vegetal flavours. Little fruit and moderately thin82 / 100


Saint-Julien - Bordeaux  France

beychevelleAgain, the colour is rather pale for a two years old wine. The nose is fruity and delicate with blackberries and blackcurrant but also wood and oak. In mouth, the wine is soft and elegant. A pleasant wine to drink in 3 - 5 years from now. 85 / 100


Saint Emilion - Bordeaux France

40% Cabernet Franc harvested shortly before the hail poured down on the St Emilion region. Berry nose with hints of wood and alcohol. Closed and austere structure with roasted tannins. A bit difficult to judge at this stage. Will possibly turn out to be a great wine in a few years. 86/100


Saint Emilion - Bordeaux France

This wine is all based on texture. Opulent, generous, one easily identifies the very ripe Merlot berries (85%). Crystallized fruit, vanilla and oak. The wine ends on a long and ample, but slightly dissociated finish.  85/100


Pomerol - Bordeaux France 

eglise clinet, pomerolEglise-Clinet has become the perfect example of what Bordeaux can produce at its best. This year just confirms again this tendency. 90% Merlot harvested before the rains. Blackberry aromas with hints of floral fragrances. Perfect balance with a straight mineral undertone and a very long finish. Highly recommended but unfortunately very expensive. 


Saint Emilion - Bordeaux France

Purple hue. Nose dominated by toasted oak but balanced by red fruits. On the palate it is lush, thick, and very sweet. Deep and long with integrated tannins. I wonder if this Cheval Blanc 99 really has the necessary structure to age for decades?  89/100

> 1999 PAVIE 

Saint Emilion - Bordeaux France

Deep, dark colour. Closed nose with hints of jam and petrol. Huge tannins and a very tight structure. The wine literally explodes in mouth and goes on with a long mineral finish. Very extracted. At this point one wonders what will win out - the tannin or the fruit? Hard to judge now. 86 / 100 for now but this Pavie could possibly deserve a much better score if the wine turns right within a few years from now.


Saint Emilion - Bordeaux France

pavie macquinThis wine was made following S. Derenoncourt's precepts (see article) and contains a high proportion (70%) of Cabernet Franc. Complex aromas of huckleberry and red fruits. Chewy mouth with great volume and length. An opulent and powerful wine. 90/100

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Margaux - Bordeaux France

Mix of green grass and red fruits aromas. Well balanced with a nice tight structure. The finish is a little abrupt but the final impression remains positive.  87/100


Haut-Medoc - Bordeaux France

Dark colour. Spicy, oaky and mint aromas. Long and expressive in mouth with tones of sweet pepper. Smooth and balanced. The Merlots are warm and generous. Mineral tones at the finish. A typical and straightforward "terroir" wine. 89/100


Saint-Julien - Bordeaux  France

Blackish colour. Lots of blackberry fruit and harsh tannins. Very ripe and extracted. Globally lacks of harmony. 86/100


Saint-Julien - Bordeaux  France

Curious wine. Acid and oak on the nose but completely different on the palate. Integrated and rounded tannins nicely balanced by currant. An elegant and discrete wine with a structure that reminds me a bit Cheval Blanc.  88/100


Saint-Julien - Bordeaux  France

This wine exudes dark bittersweet chocolate aromas, dense dark fruit and cedar. Ripe integrated spicy tannins and a sturdy structure and power. Smoother than Gruaud Larose. Definitely a very fascinating wine. Still a bit closed at this stage. 91/100


Saint-Julien - Bordeaux  France

leoville las cases, portail

Rich and complex wine. Blackcurrant, dark cherry fruit, spice and liquorice. Very expressive on the palate as middle fruit and ripe tannins finish the wine off. An amazing precision between power and finesse. 91/100

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Pessac-Leognan-Graves - Bordeaux France

Blackcurrant and oak on the nose. On the palate it is expressively round, big and tannic. Together granular and silky. A mind-blowing wine massive yet forward and charming. This wine should age magnificently well. 92/100

> 1999 HAUT BRION 

Pessac-Leognan-Graves - Bordeaux France

45% Cabernet Sauvignon - 33% Merlot (harvested before the heavy rains) - 22% Cabernet Franc. This wine is a little bit closed on the nose, but you can sense the power. On the palate it is big and tannic. Great balance, great midpalate fruit with a very long finish. A tremendous wine - in my opinion the most impressive bottle of the evening! 95/100

> 1999 MARGAUX

Margaux - Bordeaux France

Spices, grass and black raspberry aromas. Some liquorice and blackberry fruit on the palate. Very elegant and feminine. Straightforward and easy to evaluate. Will age another 20 years without any problem but it's already so beautiful to drink now! 94+/100


Pauillac - Bordeaux, France

Only 40% of the total production were selected for the First wine.
Racy, spicy, vanilla oak aromas with toasty nuances. Austere but accented with delicate nuances of violets and blueberries. Athletic wine with a lot of potential. Wait another 10 - 15 years before having any ideas of uncorking the next one!  93/100

> 1999 LATOUR 

Pauillac - Bordeaux, France

mouton rothschild, latourLittle yields this year for Latour. The Merlots harvested before the rain have totally saved this wine. Oaky, ripe, full, black-fruits on the nose and palate. Beautiful balance and concentration. Extremely pure wine with lush mouth feel, and a generous structure. Not very "Latour-style" for the moment but has a huge potential (2020+?). 94/100


Pauillac - Bordeaux, France

60% of the total production was selected to produce Mouton this year.
Toasted - roasted oak nose. Very ripe tannins, solar and generous with creamy - almost sugary flavours. An animal touch on the finish. Slightly sub-par with Lafite and Latour tasted at the same time.  90/100

A number of enticing and attractive wines ultimately make the 1999 vintage worth buying. Certainly the wines will be ready to drink before the more lauded 1998s. Very ripe Merlot (with astonishing levels, for Bordeaux, of 13.5 to 14 percent alcohol) seems to be a major component of the better wines. Overall it's a vintage to buy to drink for the next 10 - 15 years. Only few of them will age much longer. We are sure many wines should offer considerable pleasure.

Cheers, For ccvo-bg.org: Evelyne and Alain Bringolf

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We recently attended a couple of invitations from wine merchants asking us to join in for the outcome of the Bordeaux 1999 wines. The first tasting was very relaxed and mainly focused on four renowned left bank estates.


The second event organized by CAVE S.A near Geneva (see link) was more formal and regrouped a number of local wine enthusiasts around Bordeaux' finest brands. 

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