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2004 to 1992 - Château Angelus - Saint-Emilion - Vertical Tasting

Presented by Laurent  Gibet - November 2007

Continuation of the Angelus tasting:  Vertical Tasting 1991 to 1975 Château Angélus

Angelus,  Saint-Emilion,  tastings notes


Saint-Emilion Classified Growths (revised 2006)  
Angelus - First Great Classified Growths - B

2004 Angelus 2003 Angelus 2002 Angelus 2001 Angelus
2000 Angelus 1998 Angelus 1997 Angelus 1996 Angelus
1995 Angelus 1994 Angelus 1993 Angelus 1992 Angelus

> 2004 Angelus - Saint-Emilion

Bordeaux, France

Dark hue. Very ripe and classy woody and lacteous blackcurrant liquor, spices, coffee flavours. Sensual and crusty palate with together a sense of smoothness and austerity.
I recommend drinking 2004 Angelus at cellar temperature because of its high alcohol profile. Another “extreme” 2004.. 90/100

> 2003 Angelus - Saint-Emilion

Bordeaux, France

This wine just explodes from the glass with a huge concentration of ripe and explosive blackberry, cocoa, graphite and spicy flavours. It has a long, fruity, rather powerful, but not excessively fat body. Quite curiously it seems less fleshy than the 2004 Angelus. Slightly astringent aftertaste that just builds in the mouth.
This needs time and one should wait another 5 years to open the next bottle of 2003 Angelus. 91/100

> 2002 Angelus - Saint-Emilion

Bordeaux, France

Enticing nose of cocoa, bilberry and fresh fig. Slightly stalky initial impact balanced by a pleasant mineral depth. The palate is beautifully filled by velvety tannins. Nicely extracted and chewy fruit. Slightly abrupt finish.
2002 Angelus is a consistent and long term keep wine. 89/100

> 2001 Angelus - Saint-Emilion

Bordeaux, France

Mineral, complex, compact and empyreumatical nose with layers of cappuccino and black fruits.
Coherent tannins, juicy and very persistent palate. Concentrated, full bodied, packed and stacked with ripe fruit. The aftertaste is deliciously suave and salivating. I went back for a few extra pours.. A brillant 2001 Angelus! 95/100


Tasting notes, Angelus, Saint-Emilion

> 2000 Angelus - Saint-Emilion

Bordeaux, France

Deeply colored. Solar, opulent sweetness with high extract but without excessive heaviness.
Multiple notes of black and red jammy fruit, liquorice, aromatic herbs, roasted fig, pepper, cigar box. Quite an exotic character with velvety tannins which fill the mouth in an approachable way. The wine's elements seem better mingled than for 2003 Angelus.
What a treat!  94/100

> 1998 Angelus - Saint-Emilion

 Bordeaux, France

Intense but darkish hue. Deep and complex mineral, cigar and old roses aromas with fig, pepper and liquorice. In more than one way, 1998 Angelus reminds me the 2000 Angelus but in a much more classic way. Rich and tight body, spicy and fat with a lush and long finish. A delectable “old fashioned” Angelus. 93/100


> 1997 Angelus - Saint-Emilion

Bordeaux, France

The wine's aspect seems relatively evolved.
Animal and fresh floral (mentholated) bouquet which reminds me the aromas of a Cuban cigar.
Refined and elegant body with slightly drying tannins. Rather short aftertaste. A bit old fashioned but a charming 1997 Angelus which shows very nice assets considering the vintage. It is now ready to drink. 88/100

> 1996 Angelus - Saint-Emilion

Bordeaux, France

Deep purple and brilliant colour. Meaty nose with nice notes of cooked fruit, leather and pepper.
On the other hand the mouth of 1996 Angelus is rather disappointing with an angular and short finish which does not bode with the initial promising aromas. Coarse tannins which perfectly illustrate the Right bank wine maker’s difficulties in the vintage. 85/100

> 1995 Angelus - Saint-Emilion

Bordeaux, France

Deep bouquet, mint and flowery but less expansive than that of the 1996 Angelus. Blackcurrant, tobacco and citrus fruits.
Quite austere on the palate, which gives strength to 1995 Angelus. Sapid midpalate with powdery tannins. There is nothing here that screams outstanding, yet it is elegant and very enjoyable. 91/100

> 1994 Angelus - Saint-Emilion

Bordeaux, France

Deep, dark garnet.
Nose of chillies, spices, leather, black truffle with minerality. The palate has cherry jam and warm, almost tarry notes with grained tannins. Decent finish. The competition tonight was specially tough but I understand the reason why a number of wine amateurs liked 1994 Angelus when it initially came out. Now maturing. 88/100

> 1993 Angelus - Saint-Emilion

Bordeaux, France

Garnet with a slightly brown hue. Mineral nose, grassy and austere. The mouth appears to be hollow, tired, overflowed by acidity. The tannins give the impression of chewing orange skin. Short and watery aftertaste. Nothing much left here.. 83/100

> 1992 Angelus - Saint-Emilion

Bordeaux, France

Poor nose which reminds me of vegetable broth.
The wine makes me fold my eyes because of its insane acidity. A terribly poor 1992 Angelus.. 78/100!


Tasting notes, Angelus, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux wines

 > A quick conclusion on the younger Angelus flight
- Overall a great string of fine wines. But it should be noted that, if the style varies tremendously depending of the vintage, most bottles had in common power, vigor and noble looking.
- Angelus significantly profits from the aromatic and structural generosity of the Merlot grape, judiciously blended with the fruity flavours of the Cabernet Franc.
- There is a noticeable change in style starting from 2000 Angelus. The more recent wines are clearly more "modern", smoothed, concentrated and.. (unfortunately to some point) more alcoholized.
- While the maturity of the fruit, the wine’s roundness and volubility on more recent vintages increases significantly, still the traditional elegance and smoothness are perfectly preserved.
- The comparison between 1998 Angelus and the 2001 Angelus is very instructive in many respects. While 1998 is a great classic Saint-Emilion, 2001 is meatier, juicier. It is clearly built for immediate pleasure. 2001 Angelus is a beautiful but somewhat internationalized wine. However and importantly, it perfectly manages to preserve its essential message related to the spectacular terroir of Chateau Angelus.


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