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Situation and soil about Pemerol area  
Approximately 30 km East of the agglomeration of Bordeaux, lies the prestigious Pomerol wine area. Pomerol is located between Libourne and Saint Emilion, Pomerol is one of the most prestigious wine appellations of France. With its limited surface (800 ha), Pomerol was formally part of Saint-Emilion until 1936 when the A.O.C. Pomerol was decreed by INAO. Pomerol is situated on a plateau, the wine area's successive terraces slope down to the Isle stream and the Dordogne river. Pomerol is a compact plateau of clay spreads over the appellation's heart, gathering the most reputated wines of the Pomerol area. The soil at Pomerol  is relatively heterogeneous but generally speaking, the grounds are of gravelly nature for the greatest properties, with a tendency to become more argillaceous in the Western part of the district from Pomerol and more sandy near Libourne - the one notable exception being Château Pétrus whose soil is composed of black clays. One of the soil's particular features at Pomerol  is the high proportion of iron hard pan in the subsoil. It is a sort of ferruginous sandstone locally called "crasse de fer". 

Characteristics about Pomerol appellation 
Small domains whose vineyards are divided into tiny plots characterize this Pomerol area. This explains why the wines of Pomerol are so rare, expensive and difficult to find. The price to quality ratio is not very attractive, but the exceptional quality of the greatest Pomerol's Chateaus truly makes each of them an unforgettable tasting experience. At Pomerol the wine organoleptic features situate it between burgundy growths and other prestigeous Bordeaux appellations. Mainly resulting from Merlotvines, the Pomerol's wines are marvelously velvety and fruity in their youth, before evolving into noble tertiary tones such as grilled almonds and black truffles. 

Main properties of the appellation Pomerol
Contrary to other prestigeous Bordeaux appellations, this wine area has never ranked its growths - and no one here talks of a forthcoming classification. However, the non exhaustive list of the Pomerol appellation's best properties includes Chateaus: Petrus and Lafleur, regarded as "hors classe" growths - are undoubtly what Bordeaux produces best, Le Pin, one of the precursors of the "Garage" or Garagistes style - unfortunately totally unaffordable! - Eglise-Clinet, Trotanoy, Vieux-Château Certan, L´Evangile, Certan-de-May, La Fleur-Pétrus, Clinet, Bon Pasteur, Le Gay, Rouget, Clos l'Eglise, Nénin, Petit-Village, Lagrange and Gazin.

Varietals and technical data about Pomerol appellation
With a surface of 800 ha, the average production, exclusively in red, is of approx. 38000 hl. 


Average yield about Pomerol appellation: 46 hl/ha. 


Type of vines about Pomerol appellation: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon



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