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StatWine, The great growths of Bordeaux: turning numbers into knowledge.

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French wines

a-Vintage.com (French) - Summary of futures prices in €  (Bordeaux) and Parker's scores. 

Bertrand le Guern (F/E) - The site of a French wine enthusiast with classifications and the results of several blind tastings statistically calculated with the "Luxey" method. An interesting alternative to.. ccvo-bg!

Bettane & Desseauve (French) - The excellent site of two of the most famous French Wine critics. 

Bordeaux News (French) - Site and magazine dedicated to Bordeaux wines

Bordoverview - Bordeaux primeurs overview with ratings and prices, blend of grapes, vineyard size, "brain" behind the wine etc. The wines can be sorted in every way and should help Bordeaux lovers from all over the world in deciding which wines to purchase. Very well done!

Bordeaux.com - The CIVB website allows you to discover everything about Bordeaux wines, the latest selections of Everyday Bordeaux available around the world, news, videos, wine-related events in and outside Bordeaux, wine tasting and buying tips, the history, appellations, varietals, terroirs, winemaking methods, and useful Bordeaux-related links.

Despagne - In the Bordeaux wine industry, the Despagne family is closerly observed. They are doing an outstanding job in the Entre-deux-Mers Bordeaux wine growing area.

Grand Jury Européen - The Great European Jury founded by François Mauss regroups several international critics and organizes very impressive tastings. Very interesting reviews and classifications.  

Gogule.com (French)  - Site specialized in the French Touraine and Anjou wines. News, interviews of local producers 

La Pipette (French) - Initially a French wine magazine written by passionate amateurs, the format has recently changed to a blog

Liaisons Oenophiles (French)  - Another excellent French site with several useful headings. 

Greatbordeauxwines - Izak Litwar, is a Danish writer and Bordeaux wines lover. Worthy articles and tasting notes 

Terroir de France (French) - This French site guides you through the wine regions, varietals and official wine classifications. 

Viticulture-oenologie-formation - French website of the Champagne Wine School

Vitis Vinifera (French) - On of the best French speaking site on the wine. Excellent articles

Vitis La vigne et le vin (French) -Specialized in viti-tourism. 

Winer Jammer (French)  - A French amateur shares his hilarious tastings and wine reviews 


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