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2007 Bordeaux wines, Chateau La Tour Blanche, Harvest Chronicle


> Although it is premature to assess the quality of the vintage at this early stage, producer's harvest reports let us better understand how the wineries foresee the 2007 vintage.

> Chateau la Tour Blanche


The 2007 Harvest Chronicles at Chateau la Tour Blanche - Sauternes - Barsac


2007 Bordeaux wines, la Tour BlancheThe favourable climatic conditions for the past two weeks enabled us to start the grape harvest this Wednesday September 12, 2007. Indeed, the nice sunny days and the warm temperatures since the beginning of the month had a good effect on the maturation of the grapes and launched the first attack of noble rot, requiring this first sorting which should last for three days.

Grape picking has been finished only recently but it is already known that 2007 will be a very good vintage in Sauternes in general and at Chateau La Tour Blanche in particular.


This relatively long harvest has spread from September 12 to November 6, with 24 days of picking during this period. Between four and seven ‘tries’ (sorting’s) were necessary according to plots for a yield between 14 and 15 hectolitres per hectare, which is a good average for the estate. The very sunny, dry and cold months of September and October, as well as some fine early October rains combined with morning mists led to a progressive and harmonious development of noble rot and a fine concentration of the grapes. The musts thus obtained had very neat tastes and a sumptuous richness. Fermentations took place in excellent conditions and are being completed. Recent Tastings have confirmed the high quality of the vintage, which yet had not started under favourable auspices after a disastrous summer. Never say die!

November 2007 - Chateau la Tour Blanche


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