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2007 Bordeaux wines, Chateau Malartic-la-Graviere, Harvest Chronicle


> Although it is premature to assess the quality of the vintage at this early stage, producer's harvest reports let us better understand how the wineries foresee the 2007 vintage.

> Château Malartic la Gravière


The 2007 Harvest Chronicles at Château Malartic la Graviere - Pessac-Leognan-Graves

2007 Bordeaux wines, Malartic la GravièreSpring 2007 was rainy and cool resulting in considerable threat to plant health, and flowering was heterogeneous. Summer was marked by frequent light rain, and low, even cool, temperatures. So the magnificent late summer was a true miracle, allowing us to bring in perfectly ripe grapes in a wonderful sunny dry weather.

With such difficult conditions, the keywords for this vintage are vigilance and rigour in the vineyards, early leaf-thinning of the grapes, meticulous and repeated green harvests - up to three times for some plots - in order to contain the heterogeneity of the flowering.



2007 A surprising vintage!
The cool spring and summer were beneficial for white varietals, which are superb at this stage. The weather conditions contributed to preserve their aromas. Initial tastings suggest a level of quality never seen up to now!

As for the reds, the fantastic late summer weather saved the vintage. The quality surprises us more every day ! In order to take advantage of the sunny days, harvesting of the Merlots began very late, on October the 1st, while the Cabernets were finished on 15th October. The colours are magnificent and the wines are showing great balance and body. Probably they will be drinking well young as they are very round and silky, but they have good ageing potential too. Definitely wines to watch!


Chateau Malartic la Graviere



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