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2007 Bordeaux wines, Chateau Gazin, Harvest Chronicle


> Although it is premature to assess the quality of the vintage at this early stage, producer's harvest reports let us better understand how the wineries foresee the 2007 vintage.

> Chateau Gazin


The 2007 harvest at Chateau Gazin - Pomerol

2007 Bordeaux wines, Chateau Gazin2007 is a very complex vintage that producers will have to explain well to the press and to consumers.


The weather in August was very poor. At the time, many "experts" already claimed that 2007 was going to be a poor year.

But the same experts had made similar negative outlooks for 2006 and 2004. And today, the quality for both vintages is widely recognized.

Surprisingly 2007 came out as a rather dry year, with rainfall measurements below the average of the past thirty years.

The flowering was very premature (mid may) and the early berry ripening within the Pomerol area started from the third week of July. The weather in August was dreadful as everyone knows. It was a despairing time for the wine growers.

A beautiful late fall in September and October - both dry and the sunniest for the past 60 years - finally saved the vintage. The high September temperatures helped to mature the Merlots and the Cabernets to slowly mature.

The harvest started on September 17th and ended on the 5th and 9th of October with the Cabernets Francs and Sauvignon. Cabernets are beautiful this year will be blended in Gazin's first wine.

Yields in 2007 are slightly higher than for 2006 with 41.5hl per hectare on average.

The alcoholic level is of 13°, a perfect average between the 12° reached by the Cabernet-Sauvignon and the 14° of the Merlot grapes.

The main issue in 2007 was a terrible fight against mildew (and botrytis). We applied preventive care against mildew attacks from April to September. Therefore we didn’t get significantly hurt. Properties who haven’t taken appropriate sanitory action experienced huge problems this year.

In November, L’Hospitalet de Gazin - our 2nd wine -  and Château Gazin, have started their growing in casks after they finished their malolactic fermentation. Everything seems very promising. They are not yet assembled, but initial tastings show a silky, fruity and elegant nose, with a good depth on the palate. Quality is there thanks to the perfect weather through September, October and to the winemaker's skills.

Of course, we expect 2007 to be below the exceptional 2005 quality wise, but it could well level 2006 which was an overall success in Pomerol. We have scheduled the bottling for April 2008.

We recommend to keep an eye on 2007! The presentation and the Future's tastings will be held in April 2008 for international wholesalers and the press.


Chateau Gazin 



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