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Harvest chronicles at Tour Blanche


> It is totally premature to assess the quality of the vintage at this early stage. Nevertheless we find interesting to read the producer's reports on recent harvests and how they evaluate the potential of their 2006 Bordeaux wines.

> Chateau la Tour Blanche - Corinne Reulet 


Chateau la tour Blanche

Harvest Chronicles at Chateau la Tour Blanche - Sauternes - Barsac


For Chateau la Tour Blanche and the Sauternes appellation, harvesting has begun on the 12th of September 2006 with the first selective picking, called "sanitary picking which allows to collect the noble rotten berries and eliminate the berries that have benne damaged. The whole grape varieties (Semillon, Sauvignonand Muscadelle) of Chateau la Tour Blanche are included by this selection process. 

As for most of the properties within the Sauternes Barsac area, the year 2006 has been rather difficult at Chateau la Tour Blanche, involving relatively low volumes. Yet the harvest which proceeded over twenty days, from September 12 to October 11, had started at a satisfactory level, with a high qualitative potential for Chateau la Tour Blanche. But a nasty fly called drosophila disturbed the harvest year. These insects, also called fruit flies, proliferate thanks to favorable weather conditions and harm the grapes by perforating the skin, which causes sour tastes in the berries. The flies are thus responsible this year for 15% to 90% of loss of harvest at Chateau la Tour Blanche depending of the type of soils. Once again the severe selection of the pickers made it possible to save the vintage at the price of a very low yields of approximately 6 hectolitres per hectare! According to the damage noted on a few plots,  the picking staff at Chateau la Tour Blanche had sometimes to implement three and four selective sortings. A crop of only  230 hectolitres of sweet wine could be  transfered to the vats of Chateau la Tour Blanche instead of nearly 550 hectolitres on average years. 

So far the various batches are very clear and have an excellent taste, without aromatic drift. The bottle of Chateau la Tour Blanche 2006 is thus not compromised even if the proportions between the first and the second wine are not yet known, fermentations at Chateau la Tour Blanche being still in currently in progress. 

Corinne Reulet - Chateau la Tour Blanche

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