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Harvest chronicles at  Gazin


> It is totally premature to assess the quality of the vintage at this early stage. Nevertheless we find interesting to read the producer's reports on recent harvests and how they evaluate the potential of their 2006 Bordeaux wines.

> Chateau Gazin - Nicolas and Christophe de Bailliencourt dit Courcol 


Chateau Gazin, Pomerol, harvestThe 2006 harvest at Chateau Gazin - Pomerol

Wednesday, September 27 2006

The 2006’s vintage harvest started at Chateau Gazin, on Friday, September 15th, for the youngest Merlot vines, on a quiet and cloudy day. The following week-end unfortunately brought up water funnel. 

But the Merlots are fully mature at Gazin and in this case rain is not an insuperable barrier. It fortunately brought down the alcohol degree that raised up and over 15° during the previous sunny and windy week. (By law in the Pomerol area, wines cannot have over 13.5° alcohol potential). In fact, after a dreadful end of August, meteorologically speaking, the beginning of September came up with a heatwave, allowing the grapes to concentrate the sugar in a very impressive way. Let us also remind that the month of July had been extremely hot and sunny, allowing the grapes at Chateau Gazin to mature and cope well with the bad weather conditions in August. 

These good harvesting conditions remained up to September 23rd and allowed us at Gazin to pick up all the Merlots. We haven’t mentioned about the Cabernet Sauvignons and the Cabernet Francs yet. The problem might potentially come from these varietals in 2006, as they are still not matured at this point and may unfortunately start rotting due to the weather conditions!

If the rain should start again the rot could come up very quickly and bring a strog dilemna to the staff at Chateau Gazin and to other wine growers in the area: either one should pick the Cabernets when not completely mature, but in a good sanitary state, or should wait and harvest with a good maturity but with rot too… In which case 2006 would be a typical Merlot vintage, and therefore a good vintage overall for Pomerol. As you know it is very possible for us at Gazin to produce a 100% Merlot wine, without denaturing the wine's style. 

As we expressed before, so far the harvest has been beautiful . The grapes are better selected this year as Gazin invested in new sorting tables. In the past, 4 persons were doing this work directly in the vineyard. Now we are 14 persons sorting the grapes in the vat room, which undoubtly gives better results.

Up today the yield should stand around 39 hectolitres per hectare with a natural degree of 13.5°. But most important, Gazin has excellent and mature tannins, which is the essential point to make a great wine. As for the Cabernets we will soon decide what to do as we plan to harvest this varietal on Friday 29th and on the following Monday.

Nicolas and Christophe de Bailliencourt dit Courcol - Chateau Gazin

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